I’m homeless or soon will be. How do I get to a shelter?

First, we want you to know that you are not alone and there are people wanting to help you. If you are in immediate medical or physical danger CALL 911. Otherwise call 311 or head to your nearest hospital, fire station, or police station. Go to our “Find Shelter” page for some more info and tips.

How do I volunteer/intern at CCO?

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic we are suspending our volunteer and internship programs until CDC and Chicago Health Department guidelines have determined that the risk of exposure to our staff, clients, and volunteers is very minimal. If you would like to volunteer or intern in the future, email us at info@ccolife.org and we will contact you when opportunities become available again.

I would like to donate some furniture to CCO. How do I do that?

Unfortunately we can no longer accept furniture. But if you would like to sell your furniture on craigslist.com or Facebook Marketplace and then make a financial donation we would be very grateful.

How do I donate to a specific need, project, or program at CCO?

You can go to our “Donation” page and specify where you would like your donation to be used where it says “Designation”. If you don’t see the specific need you want to give toward contact us at donate@ccolife.org.