Sylvia Family Shelter

Family Shelter

Cornerstone Community Outreach expanded in 2001 into the Sylvia Shelter at 4615 N Clifton Ave and the Sylvia Family Shelter opened its doors to intact families experiencing homelessness.

Families of all Kinds

Sylvia Family Shelter serves over 130 women with children, men with children, inter-generational families, and couples with children. It is difficult for single fathers to remain with their children when homeless, as there are very few programs providing shelter to this population. Two-parent and inter-generational families are often split up as well, because adult men are often not allowed to stay in some family shelters. Sylvia Shelter is proud to support  families of all descriptions and offer shelter and services to fathers, as well as mothers with children, and families with teens.

If you are a family experiencing homelessness, go to our “Find Shelter” page.