Find Shelter in Chicago

Are You Experiencing Homelessness Now?

If you are currently or soon will be experiencing homelessness, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Follow these steps to find shelter recommended by The Department of Family Support Services:

  • Call 311 and tell them you are experiencing homelessness and need to find a shelter.
  • OR Go to the nearest Hospital, Fire Station or Police Station and inform them that you are experiencing homelessness and need to find shelter.

Other tips:

  • Be prepared to walk or take public transportation to the shelter that has available space.

Just because a shelter is near to you it may not have space at this time (shelters have a limited number of available beds). You may be sent to a different part of the city, so be prepared to travel.

  • Start the process as early as you can.

Spaces fill up throughout the day and finding something near you may depend on when you arrive at a hospital, fire station or police station.

  • Be persistent.

If you have waited for an hour to find out where you have been placed, calmly and respectfully remind hospital, fire fighter or police staff that you still need shelter and are waiting.

Emergency Overnight Shelter and Daytime Cooling/Warming Centers

If you are in immediate danger from physical harm or health conditions, CALL 911.

In times of extreme hot and cold temperatures, emergency overnight shelters and day cooling/warming centers are set up throughout the city. CCO is one of these designated sites.

Call 311 to find the nearest emergency overnight shelter or day warming/cooling center near you.