Non-Congregate Shelter for Families


Imagine the benefits of a non-congregate shelter for families experiencing homelessness! Picture a welcoming shelter space offering families individual hotel-style rooms with a toilet, sink, and shower in each room. The Non-congregate model shelter affords moms, dads, and kids greater privacy, dignity, and wellness.

Studies show that more families move from homelessness to permanent housing from non-congregate shelters, but the benefits start long before families move into their new homes. The following are just a few scenarios. Parents with teens would have a chance to retreat into a private space to nurture their relationships with each other. Also, families with members who have special needs or disabilities would have better health and emotional balance. It is not uncommon for a parent to bring a newborn into the shelter, an individual room would produce healing, rest, and recovery for a mother and newborn, reducing physical and emotional exhaustion.

Shelter guests will still have ready access to their case managers and other CCO staff. Research shows that guests in non-congregate shelters have a higher rate of staff engagement. Families benefit when parents access assistance and get help to stabilize their future.

Cornerstone endeavors to provide the very best shelter experience to vulnerable families experiencing homelessness. Over the years, all of Cornerstone’s shelter spaces have had construction renovations and upgrades. As a result, some shelter programs have semi-non-congregate rooms, offering families private rooms with shared bathroom facilities.

Through your ongoing support, Cornerstone will continue to welcome families of all sizes and descriptions into safe shelter spaces with wrap-around services. We believe everyone can benefit from non-congregate shelter units, and Cornerstone hopes to make this advantageous shelter model a reality.

Together, we can provide and improve shelter facilities for families experiencing homelessness!
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